Would you like to perform in this incredible festive musical?

Would you like to perform in this incredible festive musical?

SMTC would like to give YOU the opportunity to perform in this fantastic festive show based on the hit Christmas movie......this production is really going to bring some Christmas spirit to the communities of Shropshire and you have the chance to be a part of it all. We have opportunities for both adults and children to bring some Christmas cheer to the end of the year, SMTC would love you to join us!

The show runs from Wednesday 18th December to Sunday 22nd December at Shrewsbury School's, Barnes Theatre.

This is your moment to 'Sparkle and Shine'


We are looking to talented adults who can fulfil the following roles along with those interested in being a part of the ensemble, theres plenty of opportunities for you all to be involved either in a big or a small way!

PAUL MADDENS - A teacher at St. Bernadette's Primary School - he is trying to produce a Nativity Play that will, for once, outdo a rival schools play.

DESMOND POPPY - Paul's new teaching assistant - childish and enthusiastic, Mrs Bevan's nephew:

GORDON SHAKESPEARE - A teacher at Oakmoor Primary School. Paul's long time rival.

JENNIFER LORE - Paul's ex-girlfriend - she left him to move to Hollywood.

MRS PATRICIA BEVAN - Head Teacher at Sr. Bemadette's, Desmond Poppy's aunt.

MISS RYE - Teacher at St. Bernadette's



MR PARKER - A Hollywood film producer and studio boss



MADA Company, Teachers, Reindeer, Santa, Christmas trees, Casting Guy, Paparazzi, Guests at the Christmas Ball, Hollywood Tour Guide, Gary (Tour Guide Driver), Tourists, Studio Security Guards, Film Director, Cast and Crew, Studio Receptionist, Oakmoor Parents, St Bernadette's Parents, Cathedral Guests etc


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For the child cast we are looking to fill 2 school classes, those from St Bernadette's and another class from Oakmoor whom compete against each other throughout the production. The show will have 2 x cast's of children performing 3 shows each so theres lots of opportunities to get as many children as possible involved.

We are looking for children from school years 4-6 (from September 2024), a younger looking year 7 could also be considered.

If you would like your child to be involved in the show and want up to date information regarding auditions please register here