Scott Sutherland – Committee Member and Performer

Having floated in, out and around a few Musical Theatre Companies during the last 30 years, never really quite fitting in or getting the right opportunities to the point I had practically given up on the idea of Musical Theatre, I took one last plunge and rejoined SMTC for its production of Jesus Christ Superstar…..this was one of the best decisions of my life.

SMTC has given me the opportunity to perform in an incredible theatre amongst many whom I now call my friends, its such a friendly and sociable group and I was welcomed almost instantly into the family. Added to this the opportunity to perform 2 principle roles in my first 2 shows has helped me gain in confidence and ability, I’ve just successfully portrayed the Lion in Wizard of Oz a role I never thought I had in me!

I would also like to add that upon rejoining SMTC in 2019, I was suffering from mental health issues and struggles with relationships and family life, SMTC provided me the platform to grow as a person and be stronger and have since had the mental strength to deal with these issues head on.

I owe the Company alot and I do my best to give back what it has given me

If you are unsure about joining the Musical Theatre family then please don’t be concerned, its a welcoming group of all ages and abilities, most of all its just so much fun!!

Karen Muxworthy – Committee Member and Performer

My previous stage experience was as an adult tapper, a member of a gospel choir and a performer in a village am-dram group, all in East Sussex, so when I moved to Shropshire, I discovered SMTC to be the perfect way to make use of my acquired skills, all under one roof.

The existing members have made this newbie feel so welcome. They’re a fun and sociable bunch and, despite the wealth of talent, nobody seems to take themselves too seriously.

Being part of the ensemble with The Wizard of Oz has been a blast of a first production for me. It definitely won’t be my last!

David Williams – Previous Committee Member and Performer

I joined SMTC for their 2006 production of Pirates of Penzance “age 19” and since then I have only missed one production. I have had the pleasure serving on committee for a couple of years. I still help with publicity/posters and flyers.

SMTC means a lot to me because I can escape from reality, just for awhile.

Words that come to mind are FAMILY and FRIENDS that last forever

Sarah Sylvester – Parent of a Munchkin (Wizard of Oz)

I would just like to say a big thank you for the amazing experience that you provided Isla with these last 3 months.

She felt so at home and comfortable with all of you, had so much fun at rehearsals and absolutely loved the performances yesterday!

As a parent, I felt completely at ease leaving Isla in your care and always felt well informed of what was going on and what we needed to do to help you guys put on such amazing performances. I came to both shows on Saturday, they were amazing, such brilliant performances, you should all be so proud!

Thank you, once again…I think we will all miss The Wizard of Oz being a part of our lives and will forever be singing “the house began to pitch…..” 🙂

Mel Bailey

Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging, I instantly felt part of something special.

Chrissy Pask

I have been looking for a well-established theatre company to join and to finally tread the boards again. SMTC was a perfect choice!

EmJ Brazier

I joined SMTC to be part of a theatrical commmunity in Shropshire after relocating from Manchester. My favourite thing about SMTC is comradery.

Benjamin Webster

I joined SMTC to be able to embrace a new challenge and I've loved being able to create something incredible with a talented group of local people.

Shona Wright

Thank you for welcoming me to this incredible company! I have been a part of a number of amateur dramatics groups in my life but this company has made me feel right at home from day 1! Thank you, it means a lot to me!