Show Announcement!

Show Announcement!

SMTC are delighted to announce that it will be performing its very first play in March 2025 at Shrewsbury's Walker Theatre.


Stepping Out is a warm and very funny play about the lives, laughs and loves of a group of women (and one man) attending a weekly tap-dance class in a dingy North London church hall. There is ex-professional dancer Mavis, who runs the class; cheerfully overweight Sylvia; Andy, a plain do-gooder with no confidence; snobby but well meaning Vera; timid Dorothy who works in Social Security; Maxine, attractive, sharp and very shrewd; fat, plain Lynne; Rose, just here for a good time, and Geoffrey, the lone male. As the play progresses, the class’s dancing improves to such an extent that by the climax, a grand charity show performance, they have been transformed into triumphant tappers, worthy of any chorus line.


Stepping Out was first presented at the Thorndike Theatre, Leatherhead. Subsequently presented by Bill Kenwright, in association with the Thorndike Theatre, at the Duke of York’s Theatre, London on 18 September, 1984.

The play as last performed in the West End and toured in 2016/17 starring Amanda Holden. A film version starring Liza Minelli and Julie Walters was released in 1991 and nominated for a BAFTA award.


  1. Mavis
    the teacher, ex-pro dancer, attractive, 30 - 50
    Considerate, organised and always obviously in charge of the group.
  2. Lynne
    eager to please, understatedly pretty, never wears make-up, about 20 - 25, a student nurse.
  3. Dorothy
    small, anxious, birdlike, between 25 - 45, habit of repeating other people’s last words.
    … people’s last words.
  4. Maxine
    Confident, attractive, business woman, big diamond rings, 30 - 40.
  5. Andy
    (woman), thin, 25 - 40, timid, bullied by her husband.
  6. Geoffrey
    shy, quiet, honest, a bit bumbling, widower, has a crush on Andy, 30 - 50.
  7. Sylvia
    short, bubbly, flirty, over-ample curves! Chews gum all the time, 25 - 40
  8. Rose
    Larger than life, wearing obvious wig, crucifix around her neck and lots of
    finger rings, 30 - 50.
  9. Vera
    neat, proper, snob, but well-meaning, expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right),
    immaculate hair & make-up aspiring middle-class, 35 - 50.
  10. Mrs. Fraser
    the pianist, 50+ intolerant, sarcastic, grumpy, believes she is doing
    everyone a favour just by being there.

There are also a number of written extras in the show, so plenty of opportunities for new or current members.

We will be looking for a group of people that either can or are willing to learn to tap to a good standard before or over the course of rehearsal, a wonderful opportunity for SMTC to upskill our members.

The play is a very character driven story and a fantastic chance for our performers to show off their acting skills.

Rehearsals and casting will being early January 2025, in the meantime 'Don't worry, be tappy' and remember......